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What You Need to Know Before Dating a Sagittarian

April 21st, 2023

Another Sagittarius is the ideal choice for a mate when it comes to this sign! You’re both unashamedly honest and can give as well as take tea, so disagreements are brief and quickly forgotten. Aquarius is another excellent match for Sagittarius. Both of you have distinct viewpoints on the world that are entirely your own, and you enjoy pleasant arguments about them.

Sagittarius gets along well with Aries and Leo, two other fire signs. You’re all so opinionated and passionate about what you believe in that you just get along… Until you don’t, that is. Fortunately, if you argue, you can quickly make up, and LBR, you enjoy a little drama. Finally, Gemini creates an opposites-attract situation for Sagittarius. (They’re the zodiac’s polar opposites.) They’re both extremely intelligent and inquisitive, and sparks fly!


Sagittarius was chosen as the sign most likely to reach the million-mile mark. These adventurous, travel-loving Sags are ready to go whenever and wherever they want. They could also have a bit of an egotistical streak. They enjoy having sex in public. Alternatively, semi-public. Alternatively, you may go outside. They don’t seem to bother whether their neighbors hear them. The perfect sex session for a Sagittarius is exciting, hot, and playful-slow, emotional connection isn’t their thing.

Sags are usually up for trying a new sex position, kink, or toy since they enjoy variety. They’re not scared to make a proposal or take the initiative, but they like it when you take the lead and express yourself clearly.

He only wants you to be the best version of yourself possible.

Above all, the Sagittarius guy is hopeful. Every moment, he views as an opportunity to learn something new, assist someone, or enhance a skill. Every goal he sets is big and ambitious, and every setback he encounters is an opportunity to grow. His always optimistic outlook is admirable, and he sees you through the same idealistic prism. He readily recognizes the best in people, and he only interacts with those he believes have promise. In many respects, he resembles a coach. He’ll test your patience from time to time, but at the end of the day, all he wants is for you to be the greatest version of yourself.

He only wants freedom and space to explore and experience everything life has to offer.

He identifies very strongly with his beliefs and opinions, to the point of where a simple argument feels like a personal attack on him. Best strategy to deal with this craziness? Shrug it off. Don’t bother over little tiffs-just roll your eyes and move on. He won’t remember them in five minutes, and neither should you. His sign gets heated the quickest, but he’s also the sign that’s fastest to forgive and forget.

Allowing him some breathing room is the simplest way to make everything work for him. Because he is a fire sign, he is afraid of having his innate flame muted. You might not be the best fit for a Sagittarius boy if you’re seeking for a nightly Netflix and Chill friend. Expect critical dates and plans to be flexible since he craves flexibility in everything he does, including his schedule. Appreciate his spontaneous lifestyle, where each date is a surprise and every minute spent together is an experience.